Website Move and Software Change

I recently canceled my account for a VPS in lieu of shared hosting. I was dropping a bunch of websites and didn’t really need a VPS anymore. So I figured I hadn’t touched my website in a while so I thought I’d kick it back up a notch. Aside from a domain name change (major SEO foul, I know), I also decided on a software change for managing my website.


I was using BlogEngine.NET as my blog software. It actually worked really well, I had no real complaints. The only thing for me was that it wasn’t easily customized. By easy I mean pure and simple customizations. I was on a previous version of it because I hadn’t touched the site in a while, so I’m not sure if this has change or how much in later releases.


I chose to go with the Orchard software for my new site. It is full featured and is very easily customized with modules and theme. It’s taken some getting use to, but everything I need to learn is pretty much in the Dashboard of Orchard. There are quite a few articles out there on getting started with Orchard, but a series I found particularly helpful was written by John Papa. You can find it here: http://johnpapa.net/orchardpart1

I’m thinking it will be a bit of an adventure still getting into this. The export and import of my blog worked out nicely. So from here on in, it’s Orchard or bust!


Moved it again to Hexo, see this post for more details.