The Developer's Feed

Every day in the ever changing world of technology and development, I try to do some reading to keep up with the world around me. I have worked in places with small teams and big teams, but my current situation puts me as the only person with development skills in my current company. It’s really important in this situation, not to lose touch with the world of development around you. This feed has kept me up to date with new tech and also taught me even more about tech I all ready thought I knew.

I’ve been curating this list of blog feeds since I became a developer a long time ago, so many of them may be out-dated. Still, there are always great articles popping up for me to read and dabble in the tech if I have the time. Personally I use Feedly for my RSS reader, but the file should easily import into your favorite RSS reader.

Developer Feed File - You may need to Right Click -> Save As

Anyhow, hope you enjoy!